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Join Us At Our Homecoming Every Mothers Day Weekend! 

Jeff and Sheri have established an organization for the purpose of raising funds to completely restore The Lewis Family Homeplace built by Pop Lewis in 1935.  To honor the career that has spanned over six decades, Jeff and Sheri are restoring the house back to the era when all of the Lewis children were living at home with Pop and Mom.  "It is a labor of love for us, and we want to commemorate the historical legacy of this family, lovingly referred to as the 'First Family of Bluegrass Gospel Music'.  We are so grateful for this opportunity and appreciate each of you for your support".  Donations can be mailed to The Lewis Family Homeplace Restoration Fund, PO Box 160, Lincolnton, GA  30817 or may be charged to your credit card by donating on our online store.

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Recommended Hotels

Cullars Inn                                                    140 Elm St. Lincolnton, GA                 (706) 369-6161           Approx 2 miles

Hickory Knob State Park                           1591 Resort Dr. McCormick, SC           (864) 391-2450          Approx 5-10 miles

Soap Creek Lodge                      3000 Soap Creek Lodge Rd. Lincolnton, GA       (706) 359-4100          Approx 5-10 miles

Hotel/Lodging                                                  Address                           Phone                    Distance

RV Hookups                                                                  On Site                               (904) 591-6018                 On Site

Hampton Inn                                             1702 Washington Rd. Thomson, GA      (706) 595-5300          Approx 20 miles

The Jameson Inn                                 115 Ann Denard Dr. Washington, GA         (706) 678-7925            Approx 20 miles

White Columns- Best Western            1890 Washington Rd. Thomson, GA            (706) 595-8821            Approx 20 miles

Red Land Motel                                         P.O. Box 100 Washington, GA              (706) 678-3225            Approx 20 miles

Econo Lodge                                            130 Seymour Dr. N Thomson, GA          (706) 595-7144         Approx 30-40 miles

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